Saturday, September 30, 2023

Other Books and So Sales Catalogue #2

Ulises Carrión, Aart van Barneveld and Michael Gibbs
Other Books and So Sales Catalogue #2
32 pp., 21 x 14 cm., staple-bound
Edition size unknown

It's no surprise that most of the venues set up as non-profits to distribute Artists' Books were founded by artists. Sol Lewitt and Lucy Lippard* started Printed Matter in New York City, in 1976. General Idea started Art Metropole in Toronto two years prior. And Ulises Carrion founded Other Books (later Other Books and So) in the year in between, in 1975. 

This is the second issued inventory catalogue for the Amsterdam bookstore (the first can be viewed at in its entirety, here). Sections include Language Art, Objects/Multiples, Records, Cassettes, Posters, Music, and Postcards. 

The scarce title is available from Jonathan Hill, here, who are positioning themselves as experts in ephemera from artist-initiated bookstores. 

"For an artist’s book to be a bookwork it’s essential that it looks and functions like an ordinary book. That means no unusual size, no extravagant materials, no eccentric content.”
- Other Books 

*Along with Carol Androcchio, Amy Baker, Edit DeAk, Mike Glier, Nancy Linn, Walter Robinson, Ingrid Sischy, Pat Steir, Mimi Wheeler, Robin White and Irena von Zahn. 

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