Friday, June 23, 2023

David Shrigley | Centre-parting

David Shrigley
Toronto, Canada: Art Metropole, 1998
16 pp., 20 x 12.7 cm., staple-bound
Edition of 1000

My predecessor at Art Metropole, Roger Bywater, had a good eye for artists who were about to go from unknown to very well known. One trip to the UK, for example, led to projects with both David Shrigley and Martin Creed. 

This booklet (produced as part of the Little Cockroach Press series, which also included Stan Douglas, Emma Kay, John Waters, Zoe Leonard, Sonic Youth, Linda Montano, Maurizio Nannucci, etc.) was one of the earliest publications by Shrigley, who has now produced countless book and object editions. 

Initially distributed in the mail free of charge by Art Metropole, twenty-five years ago, the title is now exceedingly rare. 

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