Monday, February 11, 2019

Joe Jones | Fluxus Is Dead

Joe Jones
Fluxus Is Dead
Vienna, Austria: Freibord, 1980
18 x 11 x 2 cm.
Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies

Freibord was an Austrian literary magazine founded in 1976 by Gerhard Jaschke and Hermann Schürrer, who put out two important sound art cassettes in the 1980's, this one - at the beginning of the decade, and a double cassette by Hermann Nitsch, in 1988.

Fluxus Is Dead consists of a cardboard box housing a small booklet and single cassette. The signature takes the form of a rubber stamp. The track listing is as follows:

Side One: Wiener Secession, 10th Nov. 1980 Fluxus Is Dead, Im Rahmen Der Austellung "5 Jahre Freibord + 10 Jahre Herbstpresse" - 1 Pianp, 2 Bells, 4 Zitars, 1 Madoline, 2 Drums, 1 Manekino
Side Two: Asolo, Concerto Por Bambini, 5-7th August 1980 - 12 Pieces, Featuring Stellisa Jones

This title is exceedingly rare and sells for over $600 US, but has been reissued on both vinyl and CD.

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