Friday, June 29, 2018

Loud Objects | Noise Toys

Loud Objects
Noise Toys
Brooklyn, USA: Physical Editions, 2017
Dimensions unknown
Edition size unknown

Founded in 2005 by Tristan Perich, Katie Shima, and Kunal Gupta, Loud Objects aim to "make electronic music visible". The Brooklyn-based trio is known for building their own audio hardware, often onstage, while an overhead projector displays their actions to the audience.

Similar to the FM3 Buddha Boxes (see next post), these circuitboard synths feature looped drones in miniaturized versions of the music chips the band uses in their live performances. They are available in five different sounds: "Butterfly", "Sunrise, "Manatees", "Broccoli" and "Oracle".

They are available for $30 each, or a set of five for $120, at the group's band camp site, here:

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