Sunday, April 8, 2018

Richard Prince | Inside World

Richard Prince
Inside World
New York City, USA: Thea Westreich, 1989
12.5 x 8.75 cm.
Edition of 250 signed and numbered copies

An exhibition catalogue - artist’s book hybrid published on the occasion of a 1989 Kent Gallery show, co-curated by the artist and Thea Westreich. Each copy is personalized with a joke hand written by Prince, for example:

What a kid I was. I remember practicing the violin in front of a roaring fire. My old man walked in on me. He was furious. We didn't have a fireplace.

With all I've heard about A-Bombs that'll destroy a city and H-Bombs that'll destroy a state and chain reactions that'll destroy the world I just don't have the incentive to buy a two pants suit.

"If I refuse to go to bed with you," she whispered, "will you really commit suicide?" That's been my usual procedure.

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