Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wim Delvoye | Trophy

Wim Delvoye
Ghent, Belgium: Self-published, 2012
55 × 108 × 61 cm.
Edition of 3

Produced at the Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts, Trophy is a polished bronze version of the 1999 taxidermic work with copulating deers of the same name (below), and the public sculpture the following year (bottom). The latter has been exhibited in sculpture gardens around the world, including some church grounds and (like much of Delvoye's work) has been met with the expected controversy.

"The Trophy piece was influenced by the writings of Charles Darwin and the idea that we are all ... the same. I was reading somewhere that humans are the only animals doing the missionary position and I always doubt when I hear that humans are the only ones doing this or that."
- Wim Delvoye

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