Monday, June 12, 2017

Stereo Headphones #8/9/10

[Nicholas Zurbrugg, editor]
Stereo Headphones #8/9/10
Brisbane, Australia: Self-published, 1982
[80] pp, 26 x 2 0cm., staple-bound
Edition of 1000

The final and most elaborate issue of the Stereo Headphones journal is dedicated to "time and space fictions", and features contributions by Samuel Beckett (a portrait by Ilse Buhs,  "As The Story Was Told" from 1973, and a handwritten testimonial), David Briers, William Burroughs (the 1981 essay "The Future Of The Novel"), Lourdes Castro, John Christie, Thomas A.Clark, Sten Hanson, Susan Howe, Ernst Jandi, Marjorie Jenkins, David Johnstone, Robert Lax, Friedericke Mayröcker, Berry McCallion, Tom Philips and editor Nicholas Zurbrugg.

It also contains "correspondence concerning the state of the contemporary avant-garde" from Brion Gysin, Dick Higgins, Lawrence Weiner, Julien Blaine; Stephen Bann, Bob Cobbing, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jean-Paul Curtay, Larry Wendt and numerous others.

It also includes a 7″ record with Henri Chopin’s Le temps aujourd’hui and Bernard Heidsieck’s Canal Street Readings from 1972 and '73, respectively.

The date on the disk is 1980, while the periodical is dated 1982. Rather than a misprint on the vinyl, it is safe to assume that the project was significantly delayed. The previous issue was released six years prior, in 1976. The record is also titled "Record Number One", suggesting future disks were planned, but the issue seems to have resigned itself to its swan-song status. A final hiccup: there were reportedly fewer disks pressed than issues printed, so several were distributed with a note from the publisher apologizing for the missing disk.

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