Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hans Eijkelboom | Identity

Hans Eijkelboom
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Self-published, 1977
1 pp., 15.2 x 22.5 cm., leporello
Edition size unknown

The artist's assistant is tasked with tracking down friends from the decade prior and asking them what they remember about Eijkelboom. They are asked to imagine what occupation he holds. The artist is then portrayed personifying the profession attributed to him by the interviewee. These include a bank clerk, a photographer, a jet pilot, a filibuster and an idealist.

"Basically, throughout my whole career I have examined the same things. It’s always about identity. In the beginning it was about my identity, and now it’s more about identity generally in society. I studied architecture and I used my camera to photograph landscapes and maquettes and so on. Then I was interested in trying to capture how weather affected buildings, for example how houses change colour when it’s raining. This led me to photograph myself when I was wet, and that was the start of all my work. "
- Hans Eijkelboom

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