Monday, February 9, 2015


[Various Artists]
Lowell, USA: RRRecords, 2009
12" vinyl record, in unique sleeve
Edition size unknown

More than a decade after RRR-500 and sixteen years after RRR-100, the label returns with another compilation of infinite lock grooves. Conceptually somewhat less strong than the previous outings (by including only twenty performers), this never-the-less doubles the number of tracks on each side of the disk. Twenty bands and musicians were each able to contribute twenty loops.

The covers are all unique, housed in re-purposed sleeves with magazine illustrations and photographs
hand-collaged and edged in duct tape. This harkens back to the early days of the label, when much of their packaging was hand-made, on the cheap. Later the label became known for other unusual approaches, such as records that came sandwiched in between steel plates, screen-printed plexi glass or American flags.

RRR-1000 is available from Mark Pawson, here, for £23.95, postage paid.

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