Thursday, November 20, 2014

Portrait and Landscape

Portrait and Landscape is the name given by Mitch Robertson's framing company Superframe, to the (pre-existing) double-sided horizontal and vertical signs that hang out front of the store. Superframe invites two artists a year to present a new work in the outdoor space. The first was Vanessa Maltese, and the most recent (launched last week) is by Derek Sullivan.

Sullivan's project consists of four compositions made from books taken from his bookshelf, which have been scanned, layered, arranged, enlarged, obscured and flattened into new forms.

"The publishing of any book establishes a landscape as each copy seeds itself in the world. Each book finds a new home, a new reader, gets lined up on a shelf. Every bookshelf can also be read a portrait of-sorts of the person who assembled it: an individual imagined through the residue of their reading; an individual imagined in the gaps between."

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