Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jim Verburg  | O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry

Jim Verburg  
O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry
Montréal, Canada: Dazibao, 2013
102 pp, colour offset, hard cover
Edition of 400

In 2011 Jim Verburg was awarded the Dazibao Prize for his Galerie B-312 solo exhibition One and Two. The recipient of the award is given the opportunity to produce a bookwork, as part of the Les portables series, which the gallery calls "traveling exhibitions with unlimited venues and circulation." The series also includes Zineb Sedira, Ulrika Ferm, Gustavo Artigas and others.

In O/ Verburg focuses on the use of the circle and the line in his practice, "both as an aesthetic celebration of the form, as well as the possibility of form to represent ideas of the whole or self."

The book was launched on the 25th of September at Formats bookstore in Montreal. The Toronto launch takes place at Art Metropole on Wednesday evening (November 6th) from 6 to 8pm. The artist has created a window display that is up now and continues through next week (below).

The book is also available through the publisher, Dazibao, here for $21.00.

For more information, visit Art Metropole, here, and the artist's website, here.

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