Monday, June 10, 2013

Ban lifted on posthumous Flavin editions

The Artnewspaper reports that the Dan Flavin Estate has reversed its stand against the production of unrealized versions of the artist’s fluorescent light sculptures.

The policy apparently changed in 2007 (and 20 such works have subsequently been sold) but hasn't been discussed until now. The artist's son and executor of his estate says “At the time, I thought that limiting the number of works in the world to what Dan sold during his lifetime, and had certificates for, actually simplified matters.”

Flavin's sculptures were generally released in editions of three or five, but were not created until they had been sold, to limit the pricey production and storage costs. Over a thousand unrealized pieces could now be made, despite Flavin's ambivalence towards posthumous production: “I would like to leave a will and testament to declare everything void at my death, but it’s not unrealistic,” he said in a 1982 interview.

Read the full story here.

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