Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sara MacKillop | Ex-Library Book

Sara MacKillop
Ex-Library Book
Copenhagen, Denmark: Pork Salad Press, 2012
80 pp., softcover
Edition of 500

For many book collectors an ex-library copy is unacceptable. The books are well worn from use, stamped, taped and often still have a card pocket glued to the front endpaper. The spines either show the library call number or the scar from its removal. Additionally, they are avoided by booksellers to dissuade theft from libraries. I was once given a hardcover copy of John Cage's Silence from a bookseller I visited often, because it was a library copy and she didn't feel comfortable offering it for sale.

MacKillop's new title, launched two weeks ago on the 14th, collects the remnants of books discarded or removed from libraries and presents them alongside diagrams and other library related imagery. The facebook page is here, and the book can be bought for € 16.00 from the publishers, here.

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