Sunday, March 8, 2015

Marie-Ange Guilleminot 
| 8:15, The Hiroshima Watch

Marie-Ange Guilleminot

8:15, The Hiroshima Watch

Paris, France: Self-published, 1999. 

23.5 x 3.5 cm.
Edition of 200.

“In 1998, when I went for the first time to the commemoration of the 6th of August, I wore Takeyo Hatamura’s dress, one of the White Clothes. As I was walking, I was thinking of the watches exhibited at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and whose mechanism is forever stopped at 8.15. The white watch was born. Made from a standard manufacturer model, the watch was designed according to the following indications: two black lines indicate 8.15 on the dial of the watch, when the white hands of the watch overlap these black lines, time marks disappear. Carved on the back of the watch is the following: "6 aug. 1945 / 6 aug. 1999". No brand name appears on the watch. "Le vol blanc", a text by poet Pierre Giquel, is included in the watch case. Thought of both as a work of art and an object of daily use, the watch is a "portable memorial".

- Marie-Ange Guilleminot

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